EXO’s Kai Bursts Into Uncontrollable Tears During His Solo Debut Countdown

He couldn’t stop crying.

Ahead of his much-anticipated solo comeback with “Mmmh”, EXO‘s Kai held a solo debut countdown live broadcast where he burst into uncontrollable tears.

During the broadcast, Kai chatted with fans about his comeback as well as updates regarding his personal life.

But when he began reading messages from fans, he couldn’t hold back his tears.

In light of his comeback, fans showered Kai with messages of love and support.

  • I’m happy to be with you during your fresh start.
  • During my 8 years as a Kai fan, I went from being a student to an active member of society.
  • Kai was cool then, but he’s cool now. I’ll continue to cheer you on just as I have in the past.

Kai was so touched by the messages that he choked up in tears before finally responding to the messages.

I was a student too when I debuted. But here I am with a solo album. I’m just happy I could share all this time with you.

— Kai

But one fan’s comment pushed Kai over the edge to cry even harder.

I’m a third year in high school, and my happiest time was when you were on ‘I Live Alone’. I studied hard the night before just so I could watch it. Since your song came out before my college entrance exam, I think your song will help me study for it.

— Fan

The fan continued to express Kai’s importance in her life and just how much she means to him.

When I see videos of you, it relieves my stress from studying. I’m relieved I have someone like you during my time as a student. I hope that’s what EXO-L means to you, too. Please succeed. And if you have time, please wish me luck on my exam.

— Fan

And through his tears, Kai made sure to do so.

Good luck.

— Kai

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight


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