EXO Sehun’s “Pregnancy Scandal” Has Led To Renewed Demands For Chen’s Removal From The Group, But Fans Aren’t Having It

“No it’s not because of Chen it’s because of you crazies acting like he committed a crime…”

Over the last couple of days, the EXO fandom has been in an uproar over the “baseless misinformation” of a woman claiming that she was pregnant with Sehun‘s child. It seems that she had gone to great lengths for some time to keep up the illusion that she was dating the K-Pop idol, and that this is just the latest attempt at keeping up that persona.

Sehun (EXO) | SM Entertainment

Both Sehun and SM Entertainment have denied the rumors, with Sehun even directly reaching out to fans about how angry he was about the situation and the potentially negative effects it could have had on his reputation.

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While most people are, understandably, blaming the woman herself for these damaging claims, there is a small but vocal minority that is turning its attention to someone else: Fellow EXO member Chen.

Chen (EXO) | SM Entertainment

Back in January 2020, Chen made the surprising announcement that he would be getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend, and that she was pregnant with her first child. While the fandom as a whole was supportive and happy for Chen’s exciting life changes, a vocal minority demanded that he be removed from EXO due to them feeling “betrayed” by his actions. In a planned protest against Chen, a measly seven people showed up, while fans across the globe shared their support for him.

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Since then, Chen and his wife have had their second child together, and their relationship seems to be going strong as far as we can tell! Chen has remained a member of EXO in the three years that have passed since his pregnancy announcement, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

But it seems those few loud protestors have taken advantage of the “pregnancy scandal” that Sehun has recently had to once again demand Chen’s removal from EXO. They’re blaming the “trend” of EXO members getting women pregnant before marriage (what trend?), rather than the person who has falsely claimed she’s carrying Sehun’s child.

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Amid this, pictures related to this were released adding credence to rumors alleging that Sehun and his non-celebrity girlfriend had a pre-marital pregnancy.

To this, netizens stated, “Is pre-marital pregnancy a trend with EXO?” “It’s not a surprise since another member had one as well,” “Anybody can tell that is Sehun’s shoulders,” “(She) is uploading this type of pictures again.”

SM Entertainment hasn’t yet responded.

They’re asking for Chen to be removed from EXO so that other members “won’t be harassed” and targeted by these kinds of rumors.

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Ever since Chen so many people have been mocking EXO (there has always been haters but it has gotten worse since Chen). In particular, Sehun has been targeted by a psycho who has made it seem like they were getting married and that she is pregnant to the point that eventually articles have been written about it.  As long as Chen stays with EXO, these types of rumors and harassment will continue.

I wish Chen would leave, he’s so selfish. This includes Chanyeol as well.

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Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of people agree that this kind of thinking is ridiculous. Fans have quickly come to the defense of both Sehun and Chen, and wonder why some people haven’t moved on from the “betrayal” after the past three years.

If anything, people admire Chen for committing to his wife and family and not letting the few naysayers get to him, while also continuing to have a successful career with EXO and as a soloist!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa