Korean EXO-L Protest To Kick EXO’s Chen Was Pathetic, Only 7 People Showed Up

They are officially starting a physical protest.

K EXO-L’s will be holding a physical protest in front of SMTOWN’s Coex Atrium on January 19, 2020 from 1PM to 6PM KST.

They posted on their official Twitter the rules and things to note in regards to this protest.


The rules for the protest are as follows:

1. This protest is a ‘peace protest’ in that everyone will protest while sitting down in order to maintain order as we express our opinion.

2. Each person attending the protest will be given one seat cushion, hot pack, black mask, and slogan card.

3. For those that wish to return EXO goods, please submit them to the ‘Chen Goods’ section before attending the protest. (optional)



Things to note:

1. A police officer will be in charge of the protest’s safety and will help in controlling this event. We request that everyone maintain order as this is a peaceful protest.

2. Our main focus is to express our strong opinion to have Chen withdraw from the group. Try not to make a huge scene even if reporters and staff take pictures of the protest.

3. In case of unforeseen circumstances, please make sure to bring your own mask, hat, etc. as well.

4. The weather is very cold so please wear appropriate clothes for this protest.


They also posted a banner in front of the building revealing their strong opinions in regards to this matter. The banner reads, “There is no Chen in the future we see. We request the withdrawal of Chen from EXO for tainting the image of the group and breaking the trust of fans.”


But as the protest started, people were shocked at the outcome.


The crowd for the protest was so “big” that it shocked everyone.




What are your thoughts on this protest?

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