EXO’s Sehun Will Be The First Idol To Ever Be Featured In Everland For His Birthday Thanks To Fans

South Korea’s largest theme park will transform into “Sehuniverse” to celebrate his birthday:

When it comes to celebrating EXO Sehun‘s birthday, fans have always gone all out to show the maknae a little bit of extra love. In the past, fans have done everything from building a road in his name to decking out a fleet of Sehun airplanes! And this year, Sehun’s largest Chinese fan union, Oh Sehun Bar, put together a very special fan support project for Sehun’s birthday that’s the first of its kind!

After much consideration in regards to social distancing guidelines and more, beginning on April 26, Sehun will be taking over South Korea’s largest theme park, Everland, as the park transforms into “Sehuniverse!”

Image: @km970810/Twitter

A few days ago, the fan union dropped some of the details behind the upcoming project and revealed that they had spent months working with Everland to make the project — the first of its kind — possible.

Image: 吴世勋吧_Ohsehunbar/Weibo

The special project includes everything from a Ferris wheel that will display a special Sehun light show on its 46-meter screen to 22 Sehun-themed cable cars that will run throughout the park!

Image: 吴世勋吧_Ohsehunbar/Weibo

Additionally, the park will be printing Sehun tickets during the time the support project is active.

Image: 吴世勋吧_Ohsehunbar/Weibo

While already impressive not only because of its scale but also because love and thought went into the whole thing, the project is even more impressive because it’s the first time Everland has ever approved something like this. To top it off, it’s also the first time they have made an exception in regards to what will be printed on their tickets!

Image: 吴世勋吧_Ohsehunbar/Weibo

Many EXO-Ls have expressed their excitement over Sehuniverse and shared how impressed they were with Oh Sehun Bar’s latest birthday project.

Sehuniverse is set to open on April 26 and run through May 2.

Image: 吴世勋吧_Ohsehunbar/Weibo
Source: Ohsehunbar Weibo