EXO’s Sehun Now Has An Official Road Named After Him Thanks To EXO-Ls

You can walk on Sehun’s road now:

In the past, EXO‘s Sehun has been featured in the New York Times and has been given an official Scottish title thanks to fans sending a little extra love the maknae’s way. While all of these projects and many more are extremely special, Chinese Xanquis have just finished up another incredibly sweet project in the name of Sehun.


Last year around Sehun’s birthday one of his biggest Chinese fan unions, Oh Sehun Bar, came up with a plan of events for his birthday and among those were plans for a road in Anxi, China.


Although the road was technically already in existence because it was plain soil and quite steep in many places, the road was dangerous to all those who regularly took the path. Among those that people were worried about were elementary school children who would take it on their way to and from school.

The original pathway was steep and could be very slippery.


The plans were to make the roadway much less hazardous for those who might use it. With donations from EXO-Ls as well as a lot of hard work and effort, the roadway has finally been completed!


Of course, the new pathway has also been officially named “Oh Sehun Road” and even has a marker to prove it!


Fans all over the world have been extremely happy to see the final results of such an amazing project and can hardly wait to not only visit “Oh Sehun Road” someday but to see what kind of impact this project had.


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