“Extracurricular” Actor Kim Dong Hee Reportedly Admits To Bullying Allegations Almost A Year After His Denial

He was accused back in February 2021.

New updates regarding actor Kim Dong Hee and his 2021 bullying allegations have been provided by Sports Kyunghyang.

Actor Kim Dong Hee | JYP Entertainment

On January 12, the news outlet announced the results of the police investigation regarding Kim Dong Hee’s victim, Mr. A and the previous defamation charges that were filed against him by the actor. According to the reports, Mr. A was “acquitted in relation to the charges of defamation sued by Kim Dong Hee.” They explained the concluding decision further by stating that there was “insufficient evidence” in the case.

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Following this, Sports Kyunghyang revealed in their exclusive report that Kim Dong Hee reportedly admitted to his school violence during the police investigation. The Extracurricular star acknowledged Mr. A’s accusations, which occurred when they were “in 5th grade.” However, Kim Dong Hee denied ever threatening the victim with “scissors or a box cutter.”

It is true that Kim Dong Hee assaulted the victim, Mr. A, when they were in 5th grade of elementary school. However, he has never threatened the victim with scissors or a box cutter. He never even pretended to do such a thing.

While it is true that he pushed the victim down and kicked the victim’s chest with his foot, the accuser defamed Kim Dong Hee by stating false facts with the intention to slander.

— Prosecution

| Hankyung

According to Sports Kyunghyang‘s report, Mr. A revealed that the principal of the elementary school, along with Kim Dong Hee and his mother personally apologized for their actions. In addition to that, it was revealed that the school’s principal “submitted a transcript that alleged his personal witnessing of Kim Dong Hee assaulting Mr. A.”

I received an apology from the school principal of the elementary school, who came on behalf of the school. Kim Dong Hee and his mother came to my home and apologized to me as well.

— Victim Mr. A


Previously, Kim Dong Hee was accused by an anonymous online netizen (Mr. A) of school violence and bullying back in February 2021. Mr. A’s allegations were backed up by fellow netizens who claimed to be their former classmates. These netizens shared their testimonies, alleging to have witnessed Kim Dong Hee’s school violence during their elementary and middle school days.

Just a few days after the allegations went live, both the actor and his agency, JYP Entertainment denied all of the accusations, while promising legal action against the alleged perpetrator.

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Kim Dong Hee made his debut in a 2018 web drama titled A-TEEN, where he made quite an impression on the public. Shortly after his debut, the rookie actor was cast in three major hit K-Drama productions—SKY CastleItaewon Class and Extracurricular.

The actor soared into popularity and was on his way to solidifying his spot in the Korean acting industry when his bullying accusations began to take over headlines in February 2021.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang