Chaos Ensues When Dong Geurami Is Left Out Of A Picture With “Extradorinary Attorney Woo” Actors

“Again, I’m not there…”

A picture uploaded to Extraordinary Attorney Woo actor Kang Ki Young‘s Instagram caused a ruckus in the best way possible.

This all started when the actor uploaded a picture of his fellow actors on the show to his Instagram.

From left: Joo Jong Hyuk, Kang Ki Young, Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh, and Choi Soo Yeon | @booboo2injo/Instagram

In the picture were Joo Jong Hyuk (Kwon Min Woo), Kang Ki Young (Jung Myung Suk), Park Eun Bin (Woo Young Woo), Kang Tae Oh (Lee Jun Ho), and Choi Soo Yeon (Ha Yoon Kyung).  The actor captioned the picture, writing “Hanbada,” the name of the law firm the characters work for in the drama.

Well, actress Joo Hyun Young who plays the role of Dong Geurami in the drama, did not appreciate the fact that she was left out.

Again, I’m not there…

— Joo Hyun Young

Although Joo Hyun Young plays an important role in the drama as Woo Young Woo’s closest friend, because her character isn’t an employee of Hanbada, she is seldom seen in the pictures with the actors who are.

Fans who saw the cute message rallied behind the actress, stating she should also apply for Hanbada.

  • “The reason why Dong Geurami should become a Hanbada employee.”
  • “Let’s enter Hanbada.”
  • “Become an employee of Hanbada.”
  • “Geurami, let’s enter Hanbada.”
  • “I wish Geurami also became an employee of Hanbada.”
  • “Let’s go! Geurami, let’s get into Hanbada.”
  • “Hey! Why isn’t Geurami here?”
  • “Dong Geurami is never in the pictures!!!”

Other fans pointed out that in the picture, technically, there is a cast member who is no longer part of Hanbada. That person is Kwon Min Woo, of course.

  • “The man on the left is no longer in Hanbada?”
  • “Kwon-Technician is no longer Hanbada…”

What do you think? Should Dong Geurami apply for a position at Hanbada?!

Joo Hyun Young | @2ruka__/Instagram

Source: @booboo2injo/Instagram

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