“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actress Ha Young Is Going Viral For Her Extraordinary Background

“Someone with that type of background is usually only seen in dramas…”

Recently we reported on how the actors of ENA‘s K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo are getting recognized for their excellent performances.

Actress Park Eun Bin has catapulted her career into the spotlight thanks to her performance in the drama. The actress has shown audiences that she can carry a drama as a one-top series lead, following the footsteps of revered actresses: Lee Bo Young, Lim Soo Jung, and Kim Hye Soo.

We also reported that actor Kang Ki Young is receiving his flowers for his acting and his ultra-sleek luxurious home. The actor plays the beloved role of Woo Young Woo’s law firm senior, who teaches and learns from the extraordinary attorney.

Actor Kang Tae Oh has seen his popularity soar due to his gentlemanly character and soft charisma. The actor, who wasn’t very well known before the drama, has now become a household name.

Then there is actress Kim Hieora, a prolific character actor. The actress moved audiences to tears with the depth of her acting. Audiences were so moved that fans are now actively calling for the actress to get an opportunity to play a lead character.

Kim Hieora | Instiz

And finally, it seems there is another actress receiving massive attention for her appearance in the drama.

Viewers of the second episode of the drama will remember the case of the bride, whose wedding gown slipped off during her wedding.

The ill-fated bride was played by actress Ha Young (also known as Ahn Ha Young). The actress had previously received attention for her uncanny resemblance to actress Shin Se Kyung.

This time, however, Ha Young is going viral for her background. It has been revealed that the actress who debuted in the 2019 KBS drama Doctor Prisoner was actually a soldier in the Korean Army. The actress served until 2018, when she was discharged, making her one of the only Korean actresses to have served in the military.

Ha Young | @havv_y/Instagram
| @havv_y/Instagram

Not only that, before enlisting in the military, the actress studied at both the prestigious Ehwa Women’s University and New York’s School Of Visual Arts (SVA).

| Ehwa Women’s University

Netizens were amazed at the actress’s background, stating that it was a background befitting of a character in a drama or webtoon.

  • “A background like that is usually only seen in dramas or comics, lol.”
  • Unnie…”
  • “A western-arts major, and an officer in the military, and now an actress?”
  • “She seems charming. She has a vibe similar to Shin Se Kyung and is very pretty.”
  • “Wow…”

Ha Young debuted in 2019 through KBS’s Doctor Prisoner, after which she has appeared on JTBC‘s Chocolate, tvN‘s Mouse, and SBS‘s Now, We Are Breaking Up. Many audiences will surely remember the actress and root her on in her future roles.

| @havv_y/Instagram

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is beloved, thanks in large part to its wonderful cast of characters. Who is your favorite loveable character?


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