“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actress Park Eun Bin’s Modeling Fee For Advertisements Reportedly Doubles As Fans Continue To Praise Her Performance

She’s getting everyone’s attention.

Actress Park Eun Bin has made a huge splash with the unexpected hit that is her current K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, gaining much praise for her performance. So much so, that her modeling fee has reportedly doubled since the start of the show!

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo follows Park Eun Bin as the protagonist Woo Young Woo, South Korea’s first attorney to be on the autism spectrum.


The show has impressed with its sky-high ratings, in large part due to Park Eun Bin’s dedication to her portrayal of Woo Young Woo. There are, of course, some criticisms, chief among them being that the show fails to break from the infantilizing stereotype of people with autism.

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But for the most part, viewers are praising Extraordinary Attorney Woo for providing representation to people who present in the same way that Woo Young Woo does.

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In fact, some Korean viewers claim that Extraordinary Attorney Woo has helped them realize that they may be on the spectrum, while those who are autistic or have experience with autistic people have also shown appreciation for Park Eun Bin’s dedicated performance.

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As Extraordinary Attorney Woo continues to garner praise, Park Eun Bin’s star is shooting ever higher. According to Korean media, her charging fee for modeling in advertisements has doubled since the K-Drama first aired.

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While the fee varies depending on the contract, her average yearly fee is said to have been ₩200 million KRW in the past. Reportedly, it has now gone up to approximately ₩400 million KRW.

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Due to her positive image, Park Eun Bin is expected to become even more sought-after by the advertising industry, particularly after she proved her thoughtfulness and depth as an actress in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. In fact, netizens have been also giving her plenty of praise for her kind image as well as her incredible acting.

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Source: Naver and Netizenbuzz

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