Famous Male Celebrities and Athletes Revealed to Be Paid Members of Telegram “Nth Room”

Their identities were revealed through cryptocurrency exchange.

According to Pitch One, personal information of around 10,000 paid users of the “Nth Room” in the application, Telegram were secured through a cryptocurrency exchange.

According to the report, some paid users of the chatroom that contained videos of underage girls being sexually assaulted used cryptocurrency such as bitcoin to make the monetary transaction.

Although cryptocurrency is known to be hard to trace, it has been reported that Korea’s exchange possesses all personal information of the users, making it possible to track down the members.

Pitch One made the shocking report that famous celebrities and people of high status were included in the list of members involved.

Professors, famous celebrities, famous athletes, and persons with great fame are included in the list of Nth Room members.

– Pitch One

In the case that the identities of these members are revealed, they will be faced with great backlash and punishment.

The perpetrators are predicted to have used cryptocurrency in order to hide their trails, but ironically, that is what caused them to be caught first.

The police have currently arrested 128 suspects related to the Nth Room, and 18 of them have been confined.

Source: Insight

Nth Room Sex Abuse Case