Famous Korean Singer Denies DUI, Claims He Had A Panic Attack

The CEO took the blame.

Trot singer Kim Ho Joong was recently involved in a DUI accident involving a passing taxi. According to news reports, investigations reported that the police had obtained a recording file that showed Kim asking his manager to become the scapegoat, asking him to go to the police station in his place. Previous news reports stated that Kim showed up at the station afterwards.

Famous Korean Singer Caught Trying To Make His Manager The Scapegoat For A DUI

In response to the media’s claims, his CEO has since stepped up to diffuse the matter. According to the CEO, Kim was not under the influence, but the accident resulted due to a panic attack. He completely denied having drank that day.

“Kim Ho Joong had gone to the entertainment establishment in order to greet me and some people I was with. At that point in time, he had his upcoming concert in Goyang, so he said first that he would not be drinking. I reiterate that Kim Ho Joong did not drink alcohol. After he doled out greetings, he left for home first, and he drove his own car. While driving, he had an accident due to unskillful driving. At that point in time, he had a severe panic attack and made the wrong choices.”



The CEO also took responsibility for the scapegoat claims, admitting that he had been the one to order the manager to do so.

“After the accident, I found out about it through Manager A’s call. At that point, Kim was already under a severe panic attack and had made the wrong choice, moving his car, as he did not want to be investigated. Another manager had reached the scene before me, and decided wrongly to remove the blackbox memory card. Kim was not the one to make the request of asking the manager to go to the police station on his behalf. After I had heard the news, I was scared that it would become too controversial if people found out that it was Kim who was involved. I asked Manager A to wear Kim’s clothes and go to the police station to deal with the accident. This was overprotectiveness on my part, done as his CEO, and as a close friend of his. I am regretful about it.”


You can read more about initial allegations below.

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Source: News1
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