Fan Bingbing Reportedly Retiring After Wedding Next February

She is apparently leaving the world of entertainment.

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, who has returned after months of hiding due to tax evasion controversies, is reportedly getting married next February and retiring from the entertainment industry after that.


According to a Hong Kong media outlet, Fan Bingbing will be getting married to her fiance, Li Chen, on February 2, 2019. Moreover, the outlet has reported that Fan Bingbing will be leaving the world of entertainment after getting married.


Actress Fan Bingbing and actor Li Chen, who began openly dating in 2015 and later announced their engagement, are a well-known couple in China. Fan Bingbing, in particular, is known as one of the top 5 highest paid actresses in the world.


In June, however, she became involved in rumors spread by the Chinese television host Cui Yongyuan, claiming that she had used illegal means for tax evasion.


After months of living outside the public eye and numerous rumors claiming that she was imprisoned, kidnapped or dead, she was finally slapped with a $130 million USD fine, which she paid off in just 2 days.

Fan Bingbing Paid Off $130 Million Within Two Days


After 123 days of living in seclusion, Fan Bingbing finally shared a post on her SNS account, apologizing for her mistakes. She also expressed shame for her actions and thanks to the Communist Party and fans.


Not long after, the same man who sparked the actresses’ tax evasion scandal stated that he had seen a sex tape of Fan Bingbing and the Vice President of the People’s Republic of China.

Rumors Claim Fan Bingbing Has A Sex Tape


Although reports of her marriage and her retirement have not yet been confirmed, after so many rumors and scandals, it would not be surprising that the actress wants out of the industry. Meanwhile, netizens have been speculating as to why the actress is retiring so suddenly:

  • “Wow, the Chinese communist party is so scary…They made a top-star actress retire…”
  • “Scary community party…”
  • “Isn’t she dead ㅜㅜ”
  • “Can’t believe anything about her anymore. Too suspicious.”
  • “I bet her death sentence is next February…”
  • “It’s truly strange…she doesn’t show her face once and reports claim she’s selling dresses online like she’s alive and now they’re saying she’s retiring in February…Then we’ll never know…If she’s really alive, I’ll have to see her on live TV to believe it’s true…”
  • “As long as she’s alive, it’s fine. She has the money, just show us that she’s alive.”
Source: Star News