Fans Call Out Luxury Brand Chopard For Alleged Unfair Treatment Of aespa’s Giselle

Fans feel this has become a worrying pattern among brands.

Fans once again were called to defend aespa‘s Giselle from alleged unfair treatment, this time by luxury brand Chopard.


Giselle’s treatment at the hands of SM Entertainment has often come under scrutiny in the time since she made her debut. Recently, for example, fans were upset when Giselle had to personally ask SM Entertainment to upload her Spotify playlist after MYs were unable to find it on the official aespa account, despite it having been announced already.

This came on the heels of yet another recent instance of alleged mistreatment. In August of this year, fashion brand MLB Korea came under fire for excluding Giselle’s styling guide and even misspelling her name on its website, despite the fact that the group is a global ambassador for the brand.

This was far from the only time Giselle was omitted from official material. In addition to instances in which she was excluded from promotional material for cosmetic brands, such as Mediheal and CLIO, there has also been a backlash against media outlets for blurring her face in pictures and even removing her altogether.

As aespa became brand ambassadors for Chopard, fans are now once again raising concerns. The cause of these new concerns lies in the fact that, perhaps unsurprisingly, Giselle received an unfair amount of screen time in a recent promotional video compared to her members. Despite the fact that the ad was 30 seconds long (and there are only 4 members), Giselle came onscreen for only 1 second.

This had led MYs to criticize Chopard for perpetuating the apparent pattern of brands mistreating Giselle…

…and to point out that, at this pace, these projects seem to be rather hindering her career than promoting it.

Given how often this has happened in the past, it is understandable that fans would be worried about how Giselle is being managed. After all, even during the recent SMTOWN LIVE 2022 concerts, Giselle appeared to be the only person who consistently suffered from technical difficulties. She handled it all very professionally, but fans couldn’t help expressing frustration over the issues surrounding her performance.

Hopefully, SM Entertainment will take note of MYs’ concerns. In the meantime, read further about Giselle’s treatment by SM Entertainment below:

Aespa Fans Are Calling Out SM Entertainment For Once Again Allegedly Mistreating Giselle

Source: Envimedia

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