Fans Want Former Brave Girls Member, Hayun To Rejoin The Group In Midst Of Their Success

Should she make it a 5 member group again?

Fans are voicing their opinions about wanting former Brave Girls member, Hayun to rejoin the group.

Former Brave Girls member, Hayun | Brave Entertainment

Brave Girls has been busy the past few weeks after the sudden popularity of their song, “Rollin.” As they continue to dominate music charts and celebrate their newfound success, a former member is coming back into the spotlight as well.

Brave Girls, Hayun (right) | The Korea Herald

Hayun was formerly a member of the girl group and actively promoted with them from 2015 to 2019. She participated in the original “Rollin” promotions when the song was first released back in 2017.

Since her departure from Brave Girls, Hayun has been busy with her Twitch channel, as well as her YouTube channel. She has been promoting under the channel name, Dalha for both platforms.

Hayun’s YouTube Channel | @Dalha/YouTube

While she may have not yet seen the biggest popularity as a YouTuber, Brave Girls fans have been flocking to her YouTube videos, leaving massive amounts of comments. Many of the comments have been in relation to her former girl group and some fans have even been asking for Hayun to return to the group.

| YouTube
  • “Wait what? F**k I thought her name sounded familiar, but as soon as I saw her face I recognized her right away. Wow this pretty unnie is Brave Girls’ Hayun. I saw her on TikTok and went into shock because of how pretty she is.”
  • “We are awaiting the return of Hayun who ran away from home”
  • “The pelvis dancer. I really miss her”
  • “I thought of you after listening to Brave Girls’ Rollin. It’s nice to meet you”
  • “Honestly, if the pelvis dancer returned to the group, no one would say anything.”
  • “Hayun was the absolute best. I miss you.” 
| Brave Entertainment

Hayun previously made headlines after Brave Girls went viral due to her former connection to the group. It was revealed that the former girl group member is in fact, a famous TikToker. Hayun has amassed an impressive 5 million followers on the platform, truly proving her influencer status.


#pov { the rich girl meets the new girl at school}부자들만 다니는 엘리트학교에서 전학생을 만난다.#하챠플레이#하이틴 ( Voice@alyssamckayyy ✨)

♬ new girl – alyssa mckay 🦋

We’re not sure if this is even possible, but it would be cool to see Hayun return to Brave Girls and see her promote with them again.

Source: WikiTree and Twitter
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