Fans Are Freaking Out About Han Seo Hee And Astro’s Eunwoo

“Looks like Eunwoo is her next target.”

Han Seo Hee, an infamous trainee from T.O.P‘s marijuana incident who is now turned a feminist clothing brand owner, recently shared her love for ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo with an instagram posting dedicated to the popular K-Pop idol.


As uploading a picture of him, Han Seo Hee wrote, “Eunwoo, you are the reason Korea has a bright future.” 


While this looks like a harmless fangirl moment, Han Seo Hee is now receiving more hatred for publicly displaying her affection.

  • “I understand as a human being it is impossible not to fall in love with Cha Eunwoo… but when you do it, you bring so much controversies with you.”

  • “Leave him alone, he’s too much for you and you know that, stop using idols for clout, fame and attention please.”

  • “Please, you filthy criminal. Stop talking about Cha Eunwoo or any other idols.”

  • “Why does she do this? Just as things die down a bit, she stirs up another storm.”

  • “And you’re the reason Korea has a dim outlook. Attention wh*re.”


This isn’t the first time Han Seo Hee brought up a K-Pop idol and got bashed by the fans for it. She had ARMYs freak out when she brought up BTS V‘s name and suggested that he was clubbing underage, creating a huge controversy. Naturally, Cha Eunwoo’s fans are becoming defensive.

Han Seo Hee Claims She Met BTS V At A Club In The Past

  • “YOU BETTER STAY AWAY FROM EUNWOO!!! You’ve already done it to Kim Taehyung and other idols. I suggest you leave Eunwoo alone. You know this isn’t right and you are just a horrible person. You need to learn this isn’t right and leave THEM ALONE!!!”

  • “Delete this now.”

  • “Is she going to say she met Eunwoo at a club too?”

  • “Looks like Eunwoo is her next target. ASTRO fans better get their game together.”

  • “We appreciate that you recognize his talent but if we let you know that if you want to involve our Eun Woo in any controversy like you did with V and many more … you’d better get away from him.”


Since then, Han Seo Hee moved on to updating other pictures on her Instagram. She hasn’t reacted to the comments, and fans remain uncomfortable.

  • “Just what the hell is this girl’s problem?”

  • “I wish she would stop.”

  • “I really hate that Cha Eunwoo’s name is even associated with a troublemaker’s.”