Here’s Why Fans Think (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Is Lying When She Says She Was Unpopular During Her School Days

“It looks like Shuhua was the only one who thought she was unpopular.” — Netizen

Past school photos of (G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua is taking over the internet.

Shuhua is a top idol born in 2000, who is originally from Taiwan.

And aside from her lovely vocals, Shuhua is loved for her natural beauty, which many think show off many gorgeous Asian features.

In the past, Shuhua made the shocking confession,

I wasn’t very popular during my school days.

— Shuhua

But fans think she’s lying after seeing her past photos.

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Despite having been in her puberty years, Shuhua showed off flawless beauty that is rarely seen in average schools.

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What the photos prove is the fact that Shuhua might be gorgeous now, but she was just as gorgeous as a kid as well.

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The resurfaced photos have fans reacting with comments such as “It looks like Shuhua was the only one who thought she was unpopular“, “Woah, she looked exactly the same as right now“, “Black hair looks great on you“, and “Her skin was flawless“.

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What a natural beauty.

Source: Dispatch