Fans Find Inconsistencies With APRIL Chaewon’s Statement Denying Bullying Allegations

She edited her statement later on.

Previously it was reported that APRIL‘s Chaewon had uploaded long statements on both the official fancafe and her Instagram. The statements detailed her apologetic feelings towards fans as well as denied bullying allegations.

However, fans noticed that there were some discrepancies in her statement on the fancafe. Afterwhich, Chaewon made changes to her statement. Initially, Chaewon had stated the following.

On Tuesday, August 25, 2015, we made our first debut stage on ‘The Show’, and on Friday, we went to the shop like usual for ‘Music Bank’, but it was then we realized that Hyunjoo had suddenly disappeared. We had no idea why Hyunjoo had disappeared and we had no choice but to stay in our position as we worried that she would disrupt this important schedule.

— Chaewon

Fans pointed out that firstly, on August 25, 2015, the schedule was for Music Bank and not The Show as Chaewon had stated. Fans also pointed out that Chaewon had stated Hyunjoo disappeared as they were on the way to the shop (salon). However, according to an “on the way to work” video taken by a reporter outside the Music Bank building, all the girls including Hyunjoo had shown up in full hair and makeup for morning rehearsals.

Afterwhich, Chaewon had changed her statement and apologized for the confusion.

There is something to correct so I will be speaking. The day Hyunjoo did not turn up for the dry and camera rehearsals was September 11, 2015, at Music Bank. As it is something that happened a long time ago, I mistook it for a date about a week earlier as we had performed in those outfits. As I recall it accurately now, I am correcting (the post). I apologize for confusing you all. I will be attaching a reporter’s photo.

— Chaewon

| theqoo

Upon checking, however, a tweet by APRIL’s official Twitter account had shown that Hyunjoo had indeed shown up at least 2 hours in advance before the show started, rather than right before their performance as Chaewon had stated in her initial post.

Fans further pointed out that Chaewon had specifically stated that the group had been remembered as a rude girl group within the first week of their debut, yet strangely failed to recall dates or what had happened.

Because of this, we were remembered as the first girl group who debuted less than a week to skip out on rehearsals and became known as the rude girl group in just one week.

— Chaewon

APRIL had been swept into controversy when they were accused of allegedly bullying former member, Lee Hyunjoo. DSP Media and the members have since denied all allegations while Hyunjoo and her acquaintances have remained firm in their stance.

Lee Hyunjoo vs. APRIL's Bullying Allegations