Fans Speculate IZ*ONE Was Forced to Practice Without a Choreographer to Cut Costs

The speculation began when Sakura hinted at a changed system.

IZ*ONE fans are speculating that the members were forced to practice their recent choreography without the help of a choreographer following the series of Sakura‘s messages that were shared online as well as a clip of the group’s leader, Eunbi.


In a series of messages, Sakura shared,

We started a new concept this time so the system changed in many ways. But what we found difficult was how the practice method changed. The choreographer is so busy that she can only help us in the beginning, so there are many things we have to figure out on our own. We have to hold our own practices, and many things like that changed, so Eunbi took the lead, filmed videos to watch together, and advised what to fix. Doing things ourselves was hard and confusing, and it was probably hard for Eunbi, too, but thanks to her lead, we followed along.

– Sakura

She continued,

Although it was a new concept, I think we were able to show new charms and strengths of IZ*ONE, so I’m thankful to both Eunbi and the other members. I think it was because we worked together. We have a stronger bond now, and I think that’s what led to the VCR.

– Sakura

And in the VCR that Sakura mentioned, the members expressed their gratitude and Eunbi cried while listening to them, further adding to the fans’ speculation that Eunbi had to fill in for the choreographer’s absence.

Furthermore, a message that Eunbi sent to her fellow members reads as follows:

Let’s hang in there for a little longer and do a good job with our comeback. I’m sorry for the cold things I said today. It’s been bothering me, but we have no choice but to keep going… Anyway, sleep tight, and let’s put it all past us and do a good job. Let’s cheer up and smash the IZ*ONE stage.

– Eunbi

Although it is just fans’ speculation, many are furious at the possibility that IZ*ONE might’ve had to practice their choreography without a choreographer’s help, and some are wondering if it was done to cut costs.

The agency has yet to release a statement on the matter.

Check out the VCR that Sakura mentioned starting at 6:00 below:


Source: The Qoo