Fans Believe That LE SSERAFIM Are Shading Kim Garam In Recent Videos On TikTok

Some see it as a response to the recent news of Kim Garam’s contract termination.

Kim Garam‘s contract with HYBE was recently terminated, resulting in her officially leaving LE SSERAFIM, and fans believe that members are celebrating.

LE SSERAFIM | Source Music

Previously, HYBE announced they had terminated Kim Garam‘s contract. In an English statement shared on LE SSERAFIM‘s Weverse page, HYBE and Source Music explained the details of Kim Garam’s terminated contract.


We would like to provide you with information on the decision made in regards to LE SSERAFIM member KIM GARAM and plans for the future activities of LE SSERAFIM.

Our company has decided to terminate the exclusive contract with KIM GARAM.

We extend our sincerest apologies to our fans and to those who have shown love and support to the group for causing you concern over the controversy involving the member.

LE SSERAFIM will continue their activities as a five-member group, and we will spare no effort to support the group to grow further as artists through their music and performance.

Thank you.

— HYBE and Source Music

Kim Garam | Source Music

It has only been a couple of days, but LE SSERAFIM are more active than ever, particularly on the video-sharing app TikTok.


Hope not too late! (•_•)Jiggle Jiggle(•_•) #jigglechallenge with #LE_SSERAFIM #HUHYUNJIN #KAZUHA

♬ Canon in Dribble – There I Ruined It

Yet, in particular, one video has many fans speculating that it was made in response (or celebration) to Kim Garam’s departure.

LE SSERAFIM shared a video of each member dancing in a line before hugging. Not only did it showcase their relationship, but many noticed the song choice…


러블리더를 따라서! 둠칫 둠칫🥁 #두둠칫댄스 #LE_SSERAFIM #르세라핌

♬ Somebody That I Used to Know (Remix) – 🎧

The audio is a remix of Gotye‘s 2011 hit breakup song “Somebody That I Used to Know,” featuring Kimbra.

So, fans are interpreting it as the members’ response to Kim Garam getting kicked out and that they are all happy about the decision.

| @le_sserafim/TikTok
| @le_sserafim/TikTok

And many say that it seems like the remaining members are celebrating.

Additionally, a TikTok from last month resurfaced at the same time. It showcases Sakura, Kazuha, and Eunchae looking out the HYBE windows before turning to the camera, nodding in sunglasses.


Hip😎sserafim🙌 #seacabo #IMFEARLESS #LE_SSERAFIM #SAKURA #KAZUHA #EUNCHAE #사쿠라 #카즈하 #은채 #르세라핌 #샤카보

♬ Se Acabo (feat. Method Man) (Remix) – The Beatnuts

Although it’s an old video, it didn’t seem coincidental. So, fans commented that it was the members watching as Garam left the building since being let go.

| @le_sserafim/TikTok

Kim Garam was accused of school bullying, which HYBE initially denied. A victim continued to speak out, and HYBE again denied it. Ultimately, HYBE and Source Music shared that Kim Garam would go on hiatus. It was also reported that they wouldn’t remove Kim Garam back in May, but it appears the ultimate decision went a different direction.

Do you think the group’s recent TikTok videos are just a coincidence?

Source: @le_sserafim