Eagle-Eyed Fans Deduce The Line-Up For “Queendom” Season 2

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Just on January 4, 2022, it was reported that insiders had spilled the tea on just who was going to appear on Queendom 2. They named VIVIZ, Kep1er, ITZY and Brave Girls as the few groups that the production team had met up with. With the teaser for Queendom 2 freshly released, eagle-eyed fans began to try to deduce who would appear.

Fans took apart the individual letters in the teaser and matched the backgrounds to each group’s representative work. For Q, the electronic grid lines reminded fans of Cherry Bullet’s digital concepts

For E, the black and white chessboard was unmistakeable. Not only was the chessboard motif retained, the unique placement of the pattern at the top and bottom was copied as well. It is from none other than Dreamcatcher’s “BEcause”. For D, fans deduced it was from Cosmic Girls’ concept photos for UNNATURAL awhile O was from STAYC’s debut music video, “SO BAD”.

Of course, that’s only 4 letters out of the 8 total for Queendom! We can’t wait to see if these guesses are right! Catch the teaser for Queendom below.


Source: theqoo

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