Fans Are Loving LE SSERAFIM Yunjin’s Social Media Freedom As She Posts The Most Iconic Unfiltered Instagram Updates

“I’m still not over this, is she ok.”

LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin has quickly become a fan-favorite among K-Pop idols, despite having debuted only this year with her members. But as she reveals more of her relatable personality, it’s definitely easy to see where all the hype comes from!

Yunjin | @jenaissante/Instagram

A big part of why netizens can’t get enough of her is, of course, her undeniable visuals.

Her height and body proportions never fail to leave fans shook!

Additionally, she has proven she’s more than just talented. With her opera training

…and crazy stage presence…

…Yunjin has proven she was truly born to be a star. But one thing that many particularly love about her is her vibes. Not too long ago, she actually went viral for the way she exuded major “girlfriend vibes” in a clip from Kazuha‘s birthday live stream—and that wasn’t the only time. Netizens have been enjoying “girlfriend Yunjin” for quite some time, whether it’s in her vlogs…

…or, more recently, in LE SSERAFIM’s latest comeback, “ANTIFRAGILE.”

| @jenaissante/Instagram

Yet, with her super chill demeanor, Yunjin is now also proving herself to be one of the most relatable idols. As her latest Instagram story goes viral, Yunjin has many fans praising her for being a truly relatable fangirl.

Like many others, Yunjin is a big fan of American artist Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift recently released her tenth album, Midnights, much to the delight of “Swifties” like Yunjin. The idol took to Instagram to post multiple pictures of herself captioned with the album’s lyrics, leading fans to laugh at and appreciate how real she is.

In fact, she was such a fangirl that some netizens even hilariously commented that they had confused her account with a fan account.

This is not the first time Yunjin’s inner fangirl comes out, as she has also proven herself to be a true ARMY in the past.

LE SSERAFIM have only been around for less than a year, but there is always more to love about the members!


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