TWICE Fans Demand Feedback From JYP Entertainment With An LED Truck Protest

Here are the changes they’re demanding.

ONCEs are stepping up to bat to fight for what they feel are proper treatment of TWICE. Employing LED trucks to aid in their peaceful protest, the fans are coming together to demand two things from Division 3 of JYP Entertainment‘s management system. The first, is the continuous lawsuits of malicious comments as well as for the company to disclose the results of these suits.

| @_Respect_TWICE_/Twitter

The second is the replacement of TWICE’s long running music production company, Naive. Naive has gotten TWICE into controversy previously, especially for the music video of “MORE & MORE” where a backdrop was claimed to have been copied off an art piece called “Pulse Portal” by artist David McCarty.

| @_Respect_TWICE_/Twitter

The protest truck specifically addresses Division 3, who are known to be in charge of TWICE and previously, Suzy. The truck has been parked in front of the JYP Entertainment building. The protest will go on for three days. It is said that fans have been emailing the company previously about feedback regarding these two matters, to be met with no news at all, thus the start of the protest.

| @_Respect_TWICE_/Twitter

It may be important to note that while most companies pursue malicious comments and slap them with lawsuits as proven by a few community posts as well as statements directly from the companies themselves, it is difficult for the results of such suits to be publicized due to internal safety reasons and public laws.

| JYP Entertainment

This is not the first time fans have utilized LED trucks to aid in getting their message across. Previously, fans of fellow JYP Entertainment group, GOT7, similarly sent a protest truck to ask for better treatment of the group.