The Court Rules That The Givers’ Ahn Sung Il Embezzled Funds From ATTRAKT

Here’s why it is significant.

A new update regarding the case between ATTRAKT, The Givers, and FIFTY FIFTY, was reported in Korean media on September 25, 2023.

According to a statement by ATTRAKT, the court has approved a seizure of the copyright fee bond from The Givers’ Ahn Sung Il. They had found that Ahn Sung Il had embezzled the company’s funds.

We found out that The Givers’ CEO Ahn Sung Il had embezzled the company’s funds while carrying out work for ATTRAKT. As such, for the first round, ATTRAKT had applied for the seizure of the copyright fees, as a portion of the embezzled funds. The Seoul Eastern District Court has approved this.


The copyright fees for Ahn Sung Il’s albums, which were FIFTY FIFTY’s debuts with THE FIFTY and The BeginningCupid, were halted, and as of today’s news, have been seized. The albums were registered under Ahn Sung Il with the Copyright Association previously.

ATTRAKT plans on applying for the seizure of other funds as part of the embezzlement they faced from Ahn Sung Il. This approval by the court is significant, as it is the court’s first ruling on Ahn Sung Il’s misconduct in the civil and criminal lawsuit between ATTRAKT and Ahn Sung Il.

For more information on the case between ATTRAKT, Ahn Sung Il and FIFTY FIFTY.

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Source: Star News


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