Bombshell Report Exposes FIFTY FIFTY’s Dangerously Extreme Diet And ATTRAKT’s Financial Negligence

“They are malnourished…”

A bombshell report alleged that ATTRAKT had spent an alarmingly low amount of money on food for FIFTY FIFTY members while subjecting the idols to a dangerously strict diet.


On August 22, 10Asia reported that it had obtained evidence that ATTRAKT had claimed it had spent ₩7.26 million KRW (about $5,420 USD) on food for the members during the period of June 2020 to March 2023. That equates to around ₩220,000 KRW (about $164 USD) a month for the members and ₩55,000 KRW (about $41.00 USD) per member.

10Asia also reported that during 12 months out of the aforementioned 33 months, the company had spent 0 on food for the members. The report also states that the members’ food schedule was packed with chicken breast and coffee. Even worse, the report stated that on numerous times, the members had to pay for label employees’ meal expenses.

JYP Entertainment reportedly spent over $1.5 million USD on food at their cafeteria (pictured here) |

The report then stated that because of this, the family members of the group became concerned about their health. 10Asia also reported that in late 2021, the members’ trainer had worried about the idols’ health.

They are protein deficient and need to eat vegetables. They must eat breakfast. They are malnourished and need to eat their dietary supplements. Diet jellies should be eaten as snacks only. It can not replace their actual meals.

— Trainer to ATTRAKT

10Asia then writes that it wasn’t until June 2022 that the members had met with a nutritionist once. After, the members ate at a nearby salad bar but were given a ₩10,000 KRW (about $7.46 USD) allowance for food per day. FIFTY FIFTY’s lawyer is then quoted in the article as stating that “ATTRAKT had given the members a food schedule, but the members had to purchase the food and cook it themselves and then take pictures of it and send it to label employees.”

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Source: 10asia