FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena Pens Handwritten Letter To Fans

That day marked the group’s first anniversary.

Recently, FIFTY FIFTY celebrated their 1st year anniversary on November 18, 2023. To thank fans, Keena wrote a handwritten letter for Hunnies.


Hello. This is FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena. It seems like it has been so long since I’ve greeted Hunnies, so I’m very careful as to how to start. But today I’ve mustered up the courage to convey my sincerity. The first thing I want to tell Hunnies is that I’m sorry to have made Hunnies suffer through my insufficient actions. I also want to say thank you to Hunnies who have trusted in me and waited for me, despite not knowing when all of it would end.

Ahd Hunnies! Today it’s been a year since we’ve met. I can’t believe that I’m writing that word even. The past year has been one where I’ve been able to grow, learn from and experience many things. In each moment, what helped me to get up was the thought of Hunnies. I think that I spent every moment with you guys. In the future, as a way to repay you, I’ll make you guys happy each and every day again, through good performances and good music, as FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena.

Hunnies, I love you so much. Thank you.

— Keena

Keena is currently in the United States for The Billboard Music Awards as the only member of FIFTY FIFTY at the moment.

Source: Chosun