Final Day For OMEGA X To Submit Additional Contract Details To Court For Termination Plea Passed

It would decide the second step of their contract termination process.

On November 16, OMEGA X held a press conference outlining the physical, verbal, and sexual abuse they have faced under Spire Entertainment, primarily at the hands of former CEO Kang Seong Hee. The group’s legal representatives revealed that along with pressing charges against Kang, they are also applying for the termination of their exclusive contracts with Spire Entertainment.

OMEGA X at the Seoul Bar Association’s Human Rights Room with legal representatives Seo Ju Yeon and No Jong Eon | News1

We will proceed with pressing charges against the former CEO for threatening, assaulting, and exploiting the members. First, we will apply for nullifying the exclusive contract for OMEGA X’s activities.

— OMEGA X’s legal represntative

The first hearing for their application to nullify the contract happened on December 7. The trial was held at the Eastern District Court in Seoul. According to SBS news reports, Spire Entertainment demanded that the group maintains the contract during the trial and asked for “one more chance.” The company’s legal representatives gave multiple explanations in response to the alleged abuse on CEO Kang’s part.

While the company claimed that Kang and the members had a very close relationship and proposed taking “corrective measures” to handle the situation, OMEGA X’s legal representatives pushed for the contract termination.

Trust with the company has been irreparably broken by the (company’s) verbal abuse, physical assault, inappropriate requests (forcing the members to consume alcohol and sexual harassment), etc.

— OMEGA X legal representatives

According to the court’s decision after the first trial, both the group and the company need to submit additional contract documentation regarding the consignment and exclusive contracts. December 14 marked the final day for OMEGA X to submit their documents to the court, while Spire Entertainment has a week more. The date of the next trial is yet to be decided, but according to reports, the group plans to submit recordings from August as evidence.

Spire Entertainment’s Abuse of OMEGA X

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