The Handsome First Generation Idol Who Made An Unexpected Cameo In K-Drama “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”

The alleged reason behind the cameo is truly heartwarming!

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One of the hottest K-Dramas right now has to be Under The Queen’s Umbrella. Since it started airing, the show has gained attention for its unique storyline and modern take on a Joseon-style drama.

Alongside veteran stars such as Kim Hye Soo, Kim Hae Sook, and Choi Won Young, the show has brought in a lot of rookie actors to play the roles of the Princes.

The poster of “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” with Kim Hye Soo and the young Princes

The cast also isn’t a stranger to idols, as SF9‘s Chani took on the new challenge of playing the villainous Prince Uiseong, worlds away from the loveable maknae netizens know him as.

SF9’s Chani is part of the cast | tvN

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Well, it seems like the K-Pop presence in Under The Queen’s Umbrella reached a new level in the recent episode.

In recent episodes, the Princes have been battling and participating in various tasks in an effort to become the Crown Prince.

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The leading Prince is Grand Prince Seongnam, played by Moon Sang Min, and he is also involved in another story with the daughter of the Minister of War Yoon Cheong Ha, played by Oh Ye Ju.

The two have met several times, and she is sure that he is destined to be her husband, even if she doesn’t know exactly who he is.

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Yoon Cheong Ha is on a mission to find this mysterious man and even has a picture drawn to help identify him. While on her search, she comes across a mysterious man who she thinks might be her dream man, but she’s disappointed as she turns him around… just to see K-Pop idol Rain!

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Seeing her disappointed face, Rain asks, “What’s the matter?” before she explains that she’s looking for a handsome man who has taken her money.

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After Rain explained that he hadn’t seen this mysterious man, Yoon Cheong Ha told him to leave, which left the character awe-struck at the nerve of the young woman.

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Before leaving, Rain hilariously asked, “Hey, how about me?” meaning he wanted to know if he was handsome. Yet, he seemed disappointed at the lack of response but seemed to know his visuals as he turned to leave.

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When the clip was shared, it was watched over 100,000 on Twitter, with netizens loving what they were seeing.

Yet, it seems like the cameo might not be particularly out of the ordinary, and there might be a heartwarming reason behind it. The scene Rain appeared in was alongside rookie actress Oh Ye Ju. She is actually signed under Rain Company, founded by Rain, so many believe he did it to support his artists.

Rain introducing his new company back in 2015 | VLIVE 

Although it was a short cameo, Rain’s visuals truly shined and added some humor to one of the most popular K-Dramas out right now.

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