Former AB6IX Member Lim Young Min Posts Handwritten Letter After Being Discharged From Military

He hopes to show a better image to fans.

Former AB6IX member Lim Young Min has returned to civilian status after being discharged from the military. Brand New Music released a handwritten letter through their official social media accounts.

A year and a half passed neither slow nor quickly and I was discharged as of May 2. Thank you to those that have waited for me and helped me get through my time in the military. During my time there, I met a lot of good seniors, colleagues, juniors, executives, and people.

It was a valuable time where I received much help and learned a lot. I was also able to self-reflect during my time there. I realized how flawed I was and how much damage and hurt my actions caused. I once again sincerely apologize to all those that were negatively affected by me.

I also apologize to those that have waited for me. I will think carefully before acting from now on. I will work hard to become a better person and show a better side of me. Thank you.

Previously, Lim was involved in a drunk driving accident and decided to leave the group so as not to cause harm to the other members of the group.

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