Former After School Member Kahi Excites Fans With Potential Group Reunion News

Could a reunion really be in the works?!

Former After School member Kahi uploaded a photo that has been making waves amongst their fans.

Former After School member Kahi | News1

Just a day ago, the former girl group member uploaded a very simple selfie of herself smiling for the camera. While it may look like an ordinary selfie, the tag on Kahi’s t-shirt, which reads “After School Kahi” caught the attention of all her fans. She posted the photo with the same caption,

After School Kahi.

— Kahi @kahi_korea/Instagram

To add onto the already growing curiosity, Kahi uploaded this other photo onto her Instagram story, which semi-confirmed the news.

Kahi’s Instagram story | @kahi_korea/Instagram

Fans couldn’t help but wonder if this meant that After School was having a potential reunion on the popular YouTube variety show, MMTG given that the show’s logo appeared in Kahi’s Instagram story.

MMTG’s logo in Kahi’s Instagram story, circled in black by Koreaboo | @kahi_korea/Instagram (left), SBS (right)

The speculations only grew when one of the original members Bekah uploaded a story tagging Kahi in it, just moments after Kahi’s Instagram story went live.

Bekah’s Instagram story | @superb3k/Instagram

Kahi also previously shared back on May 5 that she rushed to Korea because of a “really cool opportunity. Please support me as I self-quarantine and hope that I will finish the filming for this schedule well.” This became another clue for After School fans as they wait for the good news to be confirmed.

The former After School member has been living in Bali ever since she wed a businessman back in 2016. She has been living with her husband and her two sons on the island and has been updating her fans through her Instagram account.

Kahi and her husband | @kahi_korea/Instagram

Unfortunately, none of the speculations have been confirmed and have remained speculations thus far.

Source: Dispatch and Image
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