Former AOA’s Kwon Mina Reveals Her Thoughts About Pursuing Acting Again

She is slowly finding herself again.

Former AOA member Kwon Mina recently updated fans through Instagram.

Previously, the actress was seen in better condition as she was featured in the most recent edition of BNT International and revealed photos from the interview.

In her latest Instagram post, she shared her thoughts on resuming acting after receiving a message from a famous actress.

‘I want to act with you someday!’ This is what a famous actress, someone who is a senior in the industry, said to me. I don’t know if she meant to say it without any significant meaning as words of support, but I am happy and sad at the same time because her words still resonate with me. Will I be able to act again? If I am able to become happy, then it’s okay.

⁠— Kwon Mina

| @kvwowv/Instagram

My hope is to not become a celebrity, a singer, an actress, host, model, writer, or anything. I just wish to continue to do something and become a happy person. That would be the best job wouldn’t it? And I too, will always support this actress who has a beautiful heart and face, as a fan.

⁠— Kwon Mina

Previously, Mina exposed former member Jimin for bullying her and accused her other members of being onlookers. As a result, Jimin announced her withdrawal from AOA and retirement from the industry.

Fans are supporting Mina’s new step towards her life and career and hope to see more good things from her soon.