Former AOA’s Kwon Mina Admits To A New Relationship While Introducing Her New Boyfriend

“Yes, I have been dating for awhile…”

Kwon Mina is in a new relationship and she took the time to formally introduce her boyfriend in a lengthy Instagram post. The former AOA member uploaded a series of photos just moments ago, showing off her new boyfriend.

Kwon Mina | @kvwowv/Instagram

Kwon Mina shared a couple photos of her and her boyfriend together in a matching plaid outfit, while introducing him to all of her Instagram followers. She shared that despite having “previous trauma with men,” she has met someone who is “great.”

And yes, I have been dating for awhile. I have one big weakness and it’s about my family situation. I grew up in a difficult situation so when someone from a bad family environment approaches me, I have a hard time turning them away. Even if I’m not attracted to them romantically, I want to embrace them and hold my hand out for them because I know what it’s like to have no one during the difficult times.

Then I was deceived by the lies and found myself trying to explain it all, but no one believed me so I just took responsibility for it all. They said that they said would fix their wrongs, but they made it worse. Don’t curse my mother for it. They had a reason for it all. They were so good at speaking that it was terrifying. While there is a separate person responsible for ruining my life, I end up taking responsibility for it all.

I tried to take responsibility for it again, but thanks to him I am able to erase my weaknesses. I have met someone great and because of him, I have been able to work hard. Do I have one-night stands or go clubbing? Do I do bad things? I have previous trauma with men. When I was younger, I was assaulted many times that I thought all men were trash. That’s how I lived my life.

However, I want to live a proud, honest, and happy life as I fully am.

— Kwon Mina @kvwowv/Instagram

| @kvwowv/Instagram

This will mark the former idol’s second public relationship in just a couple months, as Kwon Mina previously revealed her ex-boyfriend to her Instagram followers back in June. Her former relationship was cut short, however, when it was revealed that she had met him while he was in a relationship, admitting to their infidelity. Kwon Mina was met with intense scrutiny as she tried to justify her relationship, but the criticisms eventually led to the end of the couple’s relationship and she has been living the single life — until now.