Former AOA Member Choa Reveals Just How Much Money She Made From Investing In Stocks

She made that much in just a year???

Former AOA member, Choa recently appeared on tvN‘s On & Off as a guest, which gave viewers an inside look at her daily life.

As soon as Choa woke up in the morning, she picked up her phone and traded stocks.

It turns out Choa only started trading stocks a year ago when the COVID-19 pandemic first began.

I started investing when the stocks dropped at the start of COVID-19. Since it was down anyway, I wanted to try it out. I’m still a beginnner, but I’m at a plus.

— Choa

Even after preparing breakfast and sitting in front of the TV, Choa’s passion for investing continued as she watched programs related to the economy.

And when one of the members of the panel cautiously asked Choa how much she’s made from investing, Choa graciously offered an answer.

When I moved, I had to pay a security deposit, so I couldn’t invest too much. But I can say that my profits so far is around ₩10.0 million KRW (about $9,040 USD).

— Choa

Considering this was just in a year without much initial investment, Choa is quite an impressive investor!

Choa left AOA back in 2017 and took a 3-year hiatus to focus on her health.


So it’s good to see that she’s doing well for herself in many other ways!

Keep making that dough, Choa!

Source: Insight