Former AOA Member Choa Bursts Into Tears On Set Because Of Makeup Artist Risabae

It became a sea of tears.

Widely popular make-up artist Risabae had a fun guest on a recent video for her YouTube channel and it was none other than former AOA member Choa! Apparently, these two are close in real life and they showed off their relationship by sharing some stories.

| @queenchoa_/Instagram

Choa stopped by Risabae’s make-up studio for her cover of “Don’t Touch Me” that she uploaded onto her own personal YouTube channel. She wanted to replicate the strong image and makeup that the members of Refund Sisters exuded in their song. While she was getting her make-up done, Choa shared a funny story of how Risabae would “threaten” her when her jokes got out of hand.

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If my joking got out out hand, Risabae unnie would ask me, do you want to look like a grandma for your recording today?

— Choa

To which Risabae just burst out laughing while completely denying these claims. Choa responded with a ton of laughter and viewers could really sense their closeness in this interaction. The laughter was short lived however, as Risabae started to compliment her dongsaeng and this was the beginning of the tears.

| Risabae/YouTube

Risabae talks about how proud she is of Choa and how doing Choa’s make is one of her biggest achievements. She continued to talk about how she always keeps a photo of them two in her shop while having all of her AOA albums displayed for all to see. She also cutely revealed that she would constantly clean the albums frequently. This is when Choa started to get teary eyed.

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Regardless of Choa’s tears, Risabae didn’t stop her praises as she continued on to say that she used to brag about her regularly. It was during this moment that Risabae also tries to cutely shield Choa’s face from the camera when she realized Choa was really on the verge of tears. What an amazing unnie!

| Risabae/YouTube

This is when Choa completely loses her ability to control her tears as she just lets herself cry. Risabae’s encouraging words about her past AOA days must have really struck an accord with her as her tears grew bigger and she could no longer contain them.

Caption “suddenly a party of tears” | Risabae/YouTube

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Risabae joins Choa and starts to cry herself. They both frantically try to save their makeup by grabbing cotton swabs to absorb all the tears before they fall onto their faces. While we can’t imagine what must have gone through their minds in this moment, one thing we do know for sure is that they have a bond like no other.

Watch the full interaction between the two stars on Risabae’s YouTube channel!

Source: Insight and SBS


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