Former AOA Member Jimin Updates Instagram For First Time In 2 Years

She’s been spending her time overseas and shared a gift with fans.

Since withdrawing from AOA and retiring from the entertainment industry in 2020, Jimin has only been spotted once. She was seen in photos uploaded of a girls’ trip with Seolhyun and other mutual friends in 2021. She’s now broken two years of silence on Instagram to post an update.

Seolhyun, Jimin, and a friend. | @sbin919/Instagram

Since her birthday is on January 8, Jimin posted a clip as a “surprise gift” to celebrate with fans who’ve been patiently waiting for her. The clip follows her as she goes sightseeing in London. The clip also features a new English song and links to it on Soundcloud.

Using the artist name DODO, Jimin posted the alternative-style song titled “Suddenly” and its lyrics.

I, I had to leave,

Like that suddenly.

To a place where no one knows.

Time went by so fast.

Everyday I got used to the darkness.

Just f*ck that.

Your kindly smile.

I don’t need pity right now, ah.

I’ll make my wonderland.

I, I must go on.

I must go on and on.

I just go.

And I know,

All I loved was gone.

I lost my everything,

Except myself.

— Jimin’s ‘Suddenly’

Under the post, fans wished Jimin a happy birthday and thanked her for finally sharing an update.

Jimin | @jiminbaby_18/Instagram