Former AOA Member Mina Reveal Which Curse Words She Heard The Most This Year

“I hope December goes smoothly with no problems.” — Mina

Former AOA member, Kwon Mina recently took to her Instagram account to reveal which curse words she heard the most this year.

| @kvwowv/Instagram

She started off her post with a simple wish she has for December.

I hope December goes smoothly with no problems.

— Mina

She then revealed which curse words she heard the most this year via social media.

“Trash”, “whore”, “die”, and “mental patient” are the words I heard the most this year.

— Mina

But Mina looked on the bright side and dared malicious netizens to keep it coming.

If you get cussed out a lot, you live longer. So help me live a little longer. I might become immortal at this rate.

— Mina

Netizens are showing Mina their love with comments of support.

  • Ignore the mean comments! Cheer up!
  • Don’t think about bad things anymore.
  • We’ll protect you!
  • Unnie, report all of them.
  • Why do people leave mean comments?

Earlier this year, Mina gained significant attention for calling out former AOA member, Jimin for bullying her to the point of making her want to harm herself.

| @kvwowv/Instagram


Jimin ultimately apologized and withdrew from the group while Mina promised to receive treatment in order to get better.

Since then Mina terminated her contract with We Act and started her own beauty company while receiving psychiatric treatment.

Source: Dispatch