Former AOA’s Mina Receives Accusations For Paid Advertisement Even Though She Bought It With Her Own Money

She blatantly said she bought it.

Not long after former AOA’s Mina received death threats through her DMs on Instagram, she has received accusations this time for paid advertisements.

| @kvwowv/Instagram

She recently posted a new photo to her Instagram stating that she would be starting a diet.

Diet starts today. #bibicut #효과좋다길래 (I heard it works well) #내돈내산 (bought with my own money) #missk  #unniissmart #diet #appetitesuppressant #bidam #비우고담다 (empty and fill). I did not receive any money or sponsorship’s for this. My unni had some diet supplements so I bought two boxes with my own money awhile ago. If I am to receive anything for free I will write that it’s an ad so please stop fighting on my Instagram.

⁠— Mina

But even after she specifically stated that she paid her own money for the product, people still left comments accusing her of paid advertising.

User comment: But this isn’t a paid advertisement?
Mina: I’m not saying that I am selling Miss K products am I. My sister’s business is my business and my work is my sister’s work. Don’t family members think like this? Stop calling my name if you’re going to keep doing this. I don’t even understand why you follow me. Are you here to leave a comment to say stuff like this to me every time I post something. Why don’t you say something about my therapy being paid advertisement then too why don’t you. Stop coming to my page I’m begging you.

Fans who were curious as to who this commenter was looked at their page to find out that they were an AOA fan that wished Mina would undergo police investigation after her health got better.

I am an ELVIS and truly wish Mina a happy birthday. I really hope she gets better and returns to normal. But as an ELVIS, I am on AOA and Jimin’s side so I don’t support the other’s promotions. We have the right to listen to both sides of the story and the members also have the right to express their opinions about this matter. I don’t think it is fair that AOA and Jimin have to receive criticism and hate without any concrete evidence. I request that Mina cooperate with police investigation about this matter after she regains her health. We love you, from ELVIS.

⁠— Instagram user

On July 3, Mina revealed a series of posts proving that former AOA member Jimin bullied her for the past ten years. Ultimately, she received an apology before Jimin officially quit the group.

Most recently, Mina reassured worried fans after calling out death threats in her recent post online.