Former KARA Member Kang Jiyoung Talks About Late Goo Hara In Recent Interview

Kang Jiyoung is still mourning the passing of late Goo Hara.

Former KARA member and current actress, Kang Jiyoung, recently participated in an interview following the end of JTBC’s Sweet Munchies where she expressed her longing for late Goo Hara.

During the interview, Kang Jiyoung shared how much she still thinks about KARA and her fellow members.

I look back on our KARA days from time to time. I didn’t realize it back then, but I think we were really impressive at the time. Whenever I meet with my fellow KARA members, we talk a lot about the past. I spent more than half of my life with them. Whether I act or sing, I think it’s a blessing that I can make others happy.

– Kang Jiyoung

She then went on to speak up about late Goo Hara’s passing last year.

Since it’s not something I can forget just because I try, I still miss her a lot.

– Kang Jiyoung


Kang Jiyoung also added,

My heart aches because there’s nothing I can do for her.

– Kang Jiyoung

Kang Jiyoung debuted with Goo Hara and the others in 2008 through KARA before taking the world by storm with hit songs and then eventually moving onto acting in 2014.

It was revealed that even after Kang Jiyoung’s withdrawal from KARA, Goo Hara supported her by attending her musical shows and showing her support.

When Kang Jiyoung first heard of the news of Goo Hara’s passing, she expressed through Instagram,

Just like how you always told me you loved me, I’m going to keep telling you that I love you. I’ll do my best to live diligently.

– Kang Jiyoung

Kang Ji Young’s father was recently selected to testify as a witness in Goo Hara’s legal battle against their biological mother in efforts to prevent her from taking half of Goo Hara’s inheritance.

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