Beomhan Has Plans In Store For His Future, But Do They Involve K-Pop?

He recently gave his first interview following his contract termination.

Until recently, Beomhan was a trainee at FM Entertainment and a pre-debut member of M.O.N.T Arena.

On September 5, FM Entertainment released a shockingly “aggressive” statement, revealing they had terminated their contract with the promising artist, who has amassed an impressive fandom of his own through his world tour, talents, and extensive efforts to stay connected with fans.

Beomhan | @beomhanfm/Instagram

Since the announcement, Beomhan has continued to communicate with fans via livestreams, and has only briefly touched on the subject of his contract termination, releasing a statement on his personal Instagram.

Thank you guys for your continuous support this whole time. I’m sure we’re all feeling the same emotions of confusion and frustration. Please continue to support me and my activities in the future. Our goal hasn’t change. I love you guys so much~ Tiger Cubs Forever.

— Beomhan

In a TikTok live, Beomhan revealed that he had been discussing his contract termination with FM Entertainment for about a month before the official announcement.

Still, he admitted he was “very shocked” and “very hurt” by the contents of the announcement but assured viewers that he wasn’t going to “fight or argue” about it in the livestream.

| @beomhanfm/Instagram

Beomhan, known for his openness and positive attitude, recently spoke with Bias Wrecker in his first interview since his contract termination and revealed his plans for moving forward.

The talented artist revealed that “the future is bright” for him, noting that he’s realized in the last two months he “matters and that there are people waiting on [him] still.

For his dedicated fans, Beomhan vowed he isn’t going anywhere, mentioning his appreciation for fans who continue to support him even if his future is “not in K-Pop.

What he’s been most moved by is seeing that his fans will continue to support him, even if he’s not in K-Pop.

— Bias Wrecker

| @beomhanfm/Instagram

While Beomhan insinuated that his plans might take him in a different direction than K-Pop, he confirmed that he is working on new music that will “likely be different” than what fans are used to, telling them to look forward to the new songs.

The talented artist is taking time to heal and “give himself grace” as he sorts out his next steps; he did reveal a few additional “passion projects” in the works, including acting and writing.

Beomhan has maintained a positive outlook on the future while also being open about his emotions surrounding the situation. Check out more on that in the article below:

“I Was Very Hurt”: Beomhan Confesses He Was Shocked By FM Entertainment’s Statement Regarding His Contract Termination

Source: Bias Wrecker