Former U-KISS Eli’s Wife Reveals The Heart-Breaking Way He Asked Her For A Divorce Over A Call And How He’s Holding Her Back Now

She almost attempted suicide.

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This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Second-generation K-Pop fans will know that U-KISS once had a member called Eli. Eli, who is of American citizenship, had married his wife, racing model Ji Yeon Soo in 2017. He and his wife have an age difference of 11 years, leading to many opposing their relationship. The couple have a young son together. They announced their divorce in November 2020.

On March 29, 2021, Ji Yeon Soo appeared on Kang Ho Dong’s Rice Heart and revealed to the public that they had been nothing but a show window couple. Not only had they faked their happy family life for television, she also revealed the true way they decided to go their separate ways.

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The couple had moved to the United States after they stopped receiving work in South Korea. In order for her to get a visa, they needed some documentation that she did not have on hand at that moment. She then headed back to South Korea alone to retrieve the documents. That was when things went downhill. Eli called her from the States and informed her of the divorce.

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Blindsided, Ji Yeon Soo shared that she tried to hold onto him at first for the sake of her child. However, she came to the decision that she wanted to get divorced in the end. Sadly, as her child was with Eli in the States, Ji Yeon Soo had to figure out a way to make things work again. She decided to give the child time with his father and waited for 6 months. This was the period of time it was revealed that she and Eli were “attempting to reconcile”.

But things got even more complicated when Eli gave up his South Korean citizenship. He previously held a dual-citizenship with his marriage registered in South Korea, but when he gave it up, he was registered as single in the United States. On the other hand, Ji Yeon Soo was a married woman in South Korea. Eli kept delaying the documentations needed to fully carry out the divorce in Korea for her, causing her much stress. Eli’s interpretation of “reconciliation” was him living in the States while she lived in Korea with the child. In the end, she held on with the help of medications and sleeping pills for two months. She states that she might have to file a lawsuit in order to get Eli to cooperate with the divorce proceedings.

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Ji Yeon Soo also heart-breakingly revealed that she almost took her own life. She went up to the 20th floor and stood at the edge of the building, holding on to the rails. She shared that what had stopped her was the thought of her mother who would be shattered at the news of her daughter’s death. However, Ji Yeon Soo was still tortured by not being able to see her son.

Things may get better for the former model although her son is still not with her. She is currently saving up for fees to attend beauty school. All the best to this strong woman!

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