Former VIXX’s Hongbin To Enlist In The Military On The 18th Of August – Here’s His Thoughts On It

We wish him luck!

Former VIXX member, Hongbin, will be leaving for the army on the 18th of August. Fans will be heartbroken to know that he will be enlisting into basic training next week, where he will be spending 4 weeks until his dispatch into a unit.

| Sports Chosun

On the 13th of August, via his live streaming platform, he personally delivered the news to the fans. He apologized for the sudden decision, but had come to the choice eventually.

Everyone, I have to tell you some news I’m sorry about. I worried about this lots and I wanted to think about it deeply but I have come to a sudden decision. Next week, I am going to the army. I have to go.

— Hongbin

| NAVER x Dispatch

He also acknowledged that it had not been long since he had returned to streaming, and that he originally heard about his enlistment on the 12th of August only. As the system in South Korea, many can choose to apply for enlistment along the course of their years up to 28 years old or they will receive letters regularly to inform them of enlistment, but they are able to delay it until the maximum age of 28.

It’s not been long since I’ve returned to broadcasts, but I only heard about enlisting yesterday. I am more surprised that you are. Of course, it is only right that I go to the army. As a Korean man, it is my duty to the country, so I have always been thinking that I need to go some day.

— Hongbin

| NAVER x Dispatch

Hongbin also revealed that he had originally applied for a delay in the enlistment, but was ultimately turned down. He also revealed the psychological stress army gives to him, and that maybe it was time for him to go.

I think it is time I go as well, as whenever I want to do something, I always think that I need to go to the army anyway. That thought has always been at the back of my mind, giving me pressure and in times of stress, that pressure also grew. Honestly, I didn’t think this was the right time for me to go, so I went to apply for a delay and it seemed okay, but afterwards they told me the reason for delay was not reasonable so I have to go.

— Hongbin

Hongbin ended off with an apology to fans about the enlistment, as he will not be able to freely broadcast while in the army.

Previously, Hongbin was embroiled in incidents regarding his fancafe withdrawal, leading fans to speculate that he was leaving VIXX. His leave from VIXX was then confirmed soon after.