Netizens Speculate VIXX’s Hongbin Has Left The Group Due To His Recent Update

“There have been big changes.”

Earlier this year, VIXX‘s Hongbin got into serious trouble by Starlights, as well as fans of other idol groups. He had gone on his usual live streams via Twitch, but this time as he was drunk, he got a little too candid with the camera. Not only did he flip the viewers off, he also criticized other idol groups including SHINee, EXO and Red Velvet.

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While the issue blew up in late February, Hongbin’s last whereabouts was in May, on the group’s 8th anniversary, where he wrote a letter to fans via the official fancafe. He thanked fans for their support, as well as apologized to them once more, promising to do better.

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However, upon recent news, fans checked on the post again, and were shocked to see that the account Hongbin had posted from had been deleted from the fancafe.

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Fans saw that he had instead, left a post on his Twitch account on the 6th of August. The post mentions that Hongbin wishes to continue the live streamings with everyone, where he is able to game together as well as chat with viewers. What alarmed fans was that he mentioned “big changes” during his rest period.

Although he ended off with a sweet “see you soon”, fans were left confused at the vague statement. They speculated that he had left the group, given that he mentioned changes going on, and that he had addressed his Twitch viewers first, rather than on the official fancafe.

News outlets have reached out to Jellyfish Entertainment after Hongbin’s update, but Jellyfish Entertainment representatives stated they would check on it, and have been silent since.

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Hongbin’s letter to fans for the 8th anniversary, translated, is as follows.

Hi everyone, time has passed quickly, and we are now at our 8th anniversary. I should be showing you guys only good sides of myself as it is a good time, but I am sorry once again. But even so, I wanted to convey my thanks to those that supported me all the way until the 8th anniversary. I am apologetic for showing my lacking sides previously, and as much as I did, I will prepare myself more, and work hard to be able to show you a better side of myself. Thank you once again, to those that gave me support.

— Hongbin

Hongbin’s post on Twitch can be read below.

Hello everyone. Were you guys well and healthy in this time? For me, I’ve been spending time at home, much like before, so much so that I think I get around by rolling (instead of walking). I have been thinking that I want to have a fun live stream again, where I game with you guys while laughing and chatting. While I was away from broadcasting, there were big changes. I am still trying to adjust, so I’m still out of it.  I’m not sure if there will be changes to future broadcasts as well, but I will try to make it so that my streams are comfortable for viewing and that it will be one in which we can chat and laugh. You may end up seeing the sides of me that are still unfamiliar and confused but I will make the effort such that you will be able to enjoy the stream. I am sorry for making you wait for so long. See you soon.

— Hongbin

Source: theqoo and sportsQ