VIXX’s Hongbin Claims He Has Been Told To “Quit The Group”, Following His Controversial Drunk Livestream

“He came by to tell me to quit the group and left…”

On February 29, 2020, VIXX‘s Hongbin went live on Twitch in celebration of his channel’s one year anniversary — but ended up creating quite a controversy online.

According to the viewers, Hongbin drank three bottles of Korean soju and one bottle of wine within a four hour time frame, then got visibly intoxicated and went rogue. Reportedly, Hongbin “flipped off the viewers” and made multiple comments about other idol groups, including SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet, and INFINITE. While Hongbin’s “drunk commentary” is open to interpretation, some of the mentioned artists’ fanbases did become offended by his “rudeness”.

Who mixes this kind of idol music with band music? It sucks.

— Drunk Hongbin

Wow… Personally, I would have beaten the choreographer for that routine. What is that… That’s a cool song. Why would anyone choreograph that kind of dance to such a cool part?

— Hongbin

When this chaotic livestream came to an end, K-Pop fans grew confused and disappointed at Hongbin for his behavior on camera. Shortly after, VIXX’s Leo tweeted what is believed to be in response to the problematic broadcast. In the tweet, Leo apologizes to the fans and asks them not to worry.

Don’t worry and have a good dream. I’m sorry, my muses.

— Leo

Unfortunately, two hours later — around 5AM KST, Hongbin returned to his Twitch channel. According to viewers, Hongbin was seemingly less drunk at this point and trying to explain himself.

I was not trying to talk smack on other groups. I’m sorry to the groups and to their fans.

— Hongbin

This round of streaming went on for another hour, before someone allegedly rang Hongbin’s doorbell around 6AM KST. No one knows exactly what happened after the bell rang, as Hongbin muted the broadcast and left the room to go answer the door.

According to viewers, about five minutes passed before Hongbin came back to his computer and picked up the livestream again. Then, when a comment asked him if he knew about Leo apologizing, Hongbin stated, “Yes.” Though Hongbin does not specifically say Leo’s name, fans believe from the context that Hongbin is talking about Leo in his response that followed:

It is my fault, even that. When a work is in the making… Do I know about the apology that was made on behalf of me? Yes. He came by to tell me to quit the group and left. Just now, he was here to tell me that and he left.

— Hongbin

Hongbin wrapped up this second livestream reportedly stating that he “will leave the team if that is what the teammates want.” Shortly after that, he posted a message that reads:

[I’m Sorry] Everything that got posted on this day, I will review one by one. I will learn from them so I can keep doing livestreams without hurting other people. When I’m done reading them, I will delete them. I apologize.

— Hongbin

VIXX fans remain utterly confused and shocked at the series of events that took place over night. VIXX’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, is yet to respond to Hongbin’s livestream, his claim that he has been asked to quit the group, and the growing concerns from the fans.

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