Former VIXX Member Hongbin Sparks Controversy With Twitch Broadcast Just 1 Hour After His Official Withdrawal From The Group

He revealed why he withdrew from VIXX without notice.

Jellyfish Entertainment recently released an official statement confirming Hongbin‘s withdrawal from VIXX, and in response to the shock of many fans, Hongbin took to Twitch just 1 hour after the news to reveal his side of the story.


According to those who tuned into Hongbin’s broadcast, Hong Bin explained why he withdrew from the group without giving fans a notice through his fan cafe and shared what he plans to do in the future.

| @waterhyacinth_/Twitch

But netizens are not happy.

One netizen shared their summary of what they heard Hong Bin say on the broadcast and expressed their disappointment.

He said the contract has been terminated, but it hasn’t completely ended yet. Since he’s not with Jellyfish Entertainment, he’s going to keep doing broadcasts, and he considered posting something due to fans’ curiosity, but since he was going to keep doing broadcasts anyway, he just decided to turn it on. Wow.

— Netizen

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‘I feel bad for my fans, but I didn’t think it was right to post about my withdrawal on the official fan cafe, so I withdrew without notice. But since Twitch is my own boundary, I’ll just talk about it here.’ I can’t believe this.

— Netizen

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A repeat of ‘I’m going to keep doing broadcasts’, ‘It’s my fault’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘I left the agency’, and ‘My contract has been terminated’. He turned off the music to say this and then turned it back on. He just said that’s all and he has nothing more to say. He said he’s going to think about the direction of his broadcast. He finished his apology and went on to this broadcast. But he said he’ll end it here since things could get worse if he keeps going. He said, ‘I hope that resolves some of your curiosity.’ Wow, seriously?

— Netizen

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In addition to the netizen above, other netizens expressed their disappointment and shock at how Hongbin handled his withdrawal.

  • How could he do this? He only thinks about himself and his own hurt.
  • He doesn’t have any consideration for his fans. This makes me so mad…
  • Why did he resign if he was going to do this?
  • I feel hurt and angry for his true fans…
  • What did your fans do to deserve this?

On the other hand, another netizen suggested that the initial interpretation might have been exaggerated and shared how they heard his explanation.

It’s hasn’t completely ended, so I have nothing to tell you as of yet. My contract has been terminated and I’m not with Jellyfish Entertainment anymore, but I’m going to continue my personal broadcast. I’ll talk to my laywer to determine a standard and find a chance to tell all of you. There’s no need to post anything since I’ll continue to do broadcasts anyway. I can’t tell you anything until everything is settled. Regarding the agency, I’ll tell you things when I feel that it’s time, so please don’t spam the chat. Since I’m not with the agency anymore, I can’t say anything even if you ask. I’m sorry that those who watch my broadcast will have to bear through this. It’s true that I felt sorry to fans when I was with VIXX. But I didn’t think it was right to post that on the fan cafe. Twitch is my territory, and I’m done with them. From my stance, there was a lot of noise regarding my internet broadcast, and I tried to deal with it well, but something happened, and in the process of resolving it, more problems arose. I’m really sorry. I’m not ready to tell you, but I thought it was right to show my face, so I turned on the broadcast. This is how it turned out, and I wasn’t trying to look down on you. This is between me and the agency, so I’m sorry about a lot of things. Due to the contract, this is all I can say. My contract has been terminated, I’m not with Jellyfish Entertainment anymore, and I’ll tell you the details once they’re settled. I’m sorry to the fans of VIXX, and now that I’m out of the agency, I’ll find my own path. I was very lacking, and all I can say is sorry. Now that I’m out of the agency, I’ll continue my personal broadcast. That’s all I have to say.

— Netizen

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Back on March 1, Hongbin caused controversy for bashing fellow idols such as EXO, SHINee, INFINITE, Red Velvet and more. Following the backlash, Hongbin released an official apology and halted his personal broadcast.

He has now officially withdrawn from the group, and VIXX will proceed as a 5-member group.

Source: The Qoo