Jellyfish Entertainment Confirms VIXX’s Hongbin Has Left The Group

VIXX will continue as a 5-member group.

Jellyfish Entertainment has released an official statement confirming that VIXX‘s Hongbin has left the group.

The official statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.

This is an official statement regarding VIXX member, Hongbin.

First of all, we’d like to sincerely thank VIXX’s fans for their overwhelming support, but we’re afraid we have some unfortunate news.

On August 7, Hongbin expressed his wishes to withdraw from the group. Following a serious discussion between Hongbin and VIXX members, we decided to respect his wishes and go through with allowing him to withdraw from the group.

From this point forward, VIXX will proceed as a 5-member group. We greatly apologize for causing you worry with the sudden news, and we ask that you continue to give VIXX unchanged love and support.

— Jellyfish Entertainment

Back on March 1, Hongbin caused controversy for bashing fellow idols such as EXO, SHINee, INFINITE, Red Velvet and more. Following the backlash, Hongbin released an official apology and halted his personal broadcast.

Earlier today, netizens speculated that Hongbin left the group following changes in his fan cafe. And as a result of the news outlets’ request for a formal statement, Jellyfish Entertainment responded.

Although Hongbin has left the group, he is expected to continue his activities relating to his personal broadcast.

Source: Naver News