Former Wanna One’s Park Jihoon Gets “Jealous” Over His Fans Liking Other Idols In The Smartest Way

“I’ll let you know how dangerous it is.”

Former Wanna One‘s Park Jihoon held a fansign on December 9, 2022. It was a rare fansign as the star has been focusing on his activities as an actor rather than a singer.

A lucky fan who attended the fansign decided to ask Park Jihoon about his thoughts on fans who start liking other idols. They wrote their question on a post-it for him.

Up to which number can you allow me to do for other idols?

1. Listen to their songs on the way home after work.

2. Going to a concert since I’ve free tickets.

3. Watching their fancams that pop up via algorithm.

4. Going to their fansigns after winning an event.

— @wingjji529

| @wingjji529/ITwitter

On the post-it, you can see that he’s ticked number one, “listening to their songs on the way home.” He also drew some lines that connected 2, 1, 3, and 4 in that order. Just what could it mean?

The fan explained that they originally thought he would allow up to number two, as the ticket was free. But Park Jihoon expressed his cute jealousy in the smartest way ever. He reasoned clearly that if a fan starts with number two as the baseline, they will go all the way up to number four — attending a fansign. But if they only did number one, the risk of them doing the other actions is lower.

  • Park Jihoon: “What if I don’t want to allow all of it?”
  • Fan: “Why? I thought you’d allow up to number two. You can’t?”
  • Park Jihoon: “I don’t…I don’t think I can allow it.”
  • Fan: “Really?”
  • Park Jihoon: “Well, you could listen to their songs, I guess.”
  • Fan: “That’s fine?”
  • Park Jihoon: “Look at this. I’ll let you know how dangerous it is. If you go to number two, then you’ll end up doing number one. If you listen to their songs, you’ll do number three. Then you’ll end up at number four.”
  • Fan: “Ah, okay. So I just won’t do anything then?”
  • Park Jihooon: “No, you can listen to their songs. You just can’t start from 2, 3, or 4.”

His smart reasoning received praise from netizens, who complimented his logic.

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