French Radio Station Under Fire For Racist “Jokes” Made About BTS And Morgan Freeman

Fans are appalled by the blatant racism and homophobia of the DJs.

A french radio station, RTL, is currently receiving severe criticism online for its racially charged comments made at BTS and Morgan Freeman.

| @RTSEcuador/Twitter

The hosts on air were supposedly talking about the FIFA World Cup 2022 opening ceremony. While Morgan Freeman kicked off the ceremony with his narration of the opening segment, titled “The Calling,” BTS member Jungkook performed the official World Cup soundtrack for this year, “Dreamers.”

According to French-speaking ARMYs, one of the hosts, Philip Caveriviere, made crude comments about BTS and Freeman. He referred to BTS as “a group of Korean virgins” and continued to make homophobic comments at them. Later he was also heard calling Freeman “Nelson Mandela” with a mocking tone.

French fans explained that the phrase “virgins” was used to specifically denigrate the gender and sexuality of the BTS members, implying that they are not “real men.”

ARMYs are both in shock and enraged at the blatant racism, homophobia, and outright disrespect the hosts on air have shown to two of the most prominent POC artists at the FIFA opening ceremony.

Despite the backlash, however, no apology has been issued by the radio station or the hosts who made the comments. In fact, Caveriviere apparently tried to diminish the implications of the remarks while replying to an ARMY who had reached out to talk about the disrespectful comments made by them.

This is not the first time BTS have had to endure such vicious attacks from racist radio hosts. In 2021,  Bayern 3’s DJ Matthias Matuschik attacked BTS for no reason, comparing them to COVID-19. ARMYs were enraged, and even mainstream media got involved in calling out Matuschik’s remarks, but the station still gave him a platform, indeed a much smaller one, as he ended up getting “demoted” to host a podcast about local Bavarian music. It remains to be seen if Caveriviere and his co-hosts suffer any consequences for their action or if it will end some other way.


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