Gaeko Expresses His Rage At MBC Following Their Recent Documentary About Late Sulli

His fellow bandmate, Choiza was flooded with hate after the documentary aired.

Following the recent airing of MBC‘s Docuplex documentary about the late Sulli, Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza was flooded with hate with netizens blaming him for Sulli’s passing.

| @gaekogeem/Instagram

While the producer who directed the documentary expressed that he did not intend on sparking hate toward Choiza with the documentary, Choiza’s fellow Dynamic Duo bandmate, Gaeko took to his Instagram to express his rage at MBC.

| @gaekogeem/Instagram

Gaeko uploaded screenshots showing the news reports announcing that Docu-Flex‘s “Why Was Sulli Uncomfortable?” reached record-breaking viewer ratings.

Gaeko captioned the post,

If reaching a record-breaking viewer rating was their objective when producing the documentary, I’d be very disappointed and furious.

— Gaeko

Ahead of this post, Choiza faced hate after Sulli’s mother stated that she was against Sulli’s relationship with Choiza and that their family was happy before the dating scandal.

However, the producer who directed the documentary clarified,

Choiza is a victim just as much as Sulli was. There was no intention to make it seem like Choiza did something wrong.

— Producer

On the other hand, netizens are criticizing the producer, claiming that he’s trying to dodge responsibility by suggesting that the viewers perceived his intentions in the wrong way.

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