(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Couldn’t Recognize TWICE’s Tzuyu For The Most Hilarious Reason

Shuhua’s the funniest friend to have around!

(G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua and TWICE‘s Tzuyu are known to be very close, but Shuhua didn’t recognize her picture once for the funniest reason!

Tzuyu, Elkie, and Shuhua | @chongtingyanelkie/Instagram

Shuhua recently guested on Kang Hyewon‘s show, Hyewon’s Court Case, where she charges guests for “crimes” they committed against her! For the show, Hyewon charged Shuhua with the “crime” of “not being her friend for the last 2 years”.

The staff then made the two idols play a game to check their chemistry, where they tried to recognize fellow idols by individual pictures of their eyes, nose, and lips.

Both Hyewon and Shuhua got many answers right, but Shuhua was unexpectedly stumped at one particular picture, which Hyewon correctly guessed to be TWICE’s Tzuyu!

Shuhua then hilariously blamed the staff for choosing a photo of Tzuyu with makeup on, and said she couldn’t recognize her because she only sees her with her bare face!

Oh, this makeup look…I see her without makeup a lot. I don’t know her well with makeup on!


As Shuhua and Tzuyu often meet up for outings during their free time and flaunt their incredibly gorgeous no-makeup faces, perhaps there’s some truth to her words!

Shuhua, Elkie, and Tzuyu | @chongtingyanelkie/Instagram

You can watch this funny moment here!