Girls’ Generation Have The Most Iconic Ending Fairy For Their Performance Of “FOREVER 1” On Music Bank

“That’s their trademark.”

Girls’ Generation returned with FOREVER 1 to celebrate their 15th anniversary. Given their five-year hiatus, the group opened up about new trends in K-Pop that they weren’t entirely sure they understood.

For instance, some members were unfamiliar with the high-quality “4K cameras” that recordings use…

Sooyoung: What is a 4K camera?


And others weren’t aware of individual fancams that fans have grown attached to, using the fancams to watch their biases through the entire performance.

Taeyeon: Now broadcast stations shoot it directly.

Hyoyeon: Our music show is important but fans love those direct shots even more.


But Sooyoung especially was familiar with the ending fairy trend and was so excited to film one that she was even practicing while shooting for their music video.

Sooyoung: Ending fairy. I’ll practice being the ending fairy.

Sooyoung | GIRLS’ GENERATION/YouTube 

Until Tiffany momentarily crushed her dreams by teasing her friend.

Tiffany: Oh my god. I heard that doesn’t exist anymore, Sooyoung.

Sooyoung: Really? Why did it disappear when I could do it?


But Sooyoung’s practice has paid off now that Girls’ Generation took to stage to perform FOREVER 1 on Music Bank.

While the legendary girl group slayed with their talents and visuals as always…


Fans were especially impressed with the unexpected ending fairy. Usually, groups will have some members get solo shots during the ending fairy, where they pose and show off their visuals or cute charms.

aespa Giselle and NingNing‘s ending fairies | KBS WORLD TV/YouTube 

But for Girls’ Generation’s stage, Music Bank decided to feature all of the members, who were all incredibly stunning.

| KBS WORLD TV/YouTube  

Fans were pleased by the iconic ending fairy.

And were endeared when they noticed that Seohyun adorably got some confetti stuck in her mouth.

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You can watch the stage here.

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