Hyoyeon Claims A Fan Once Shoved A Lollipop Into Her Fellow Girls’ Generation Member’s Mouth

Hyoyeon is still horrified to this day.

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon recently appeared on KBS Joy‘s Survival where she shared a horrific story about a fan that crossed the line.

The panel of the show was listening to a man’s worry about a girlfriend who sent him a bloody love confession letter, slapped him for mistaking her little sister for her, and even her threat to cut his face once he decided to break up with her.

Regarding the crazy story, Hyoyeon didn’t hold back on her honest thoughts.

I think her way of expressing her love is just crazy.

— Hyoyeon

And this led Park Na Rae to share an incident she’s heard about.

I heard of a woman who collected her fingernails and hair to give to her boyfriend. So that he can remember her.

— Park Na Rae

But Hyoyeon had a story to share about a rude fan that was even crazier.

According to Hyoyeon, her fellow Girls’ Generation member cried once because of very rude behavior by a fan.

Before, a fellow member of mine had a fan shove a lollipop she had been eating into her mouth. When you suddenly shove it it, it goes right in. She cried like crazy after that.

— Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon still remembers this incident to be absolutely horrific, and rightfully so!

Source: Dispatch

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